St. Margaret’s is an Anglican church, part of the Diocese of Chelmsford, in the deanery of Thurrock. We have had a Christian presence in this community for at least the past 830 years!

For the past two decades St. Margaret’s has been broadly in the evangelical-charismatic tradition, engaging in both traditional and informal worship. We believe in the value of a personal ongoing relationship with God through Jesus Christ and that the Bible contains all necessary information for living the life God intended for us.

We have several congregations offering different styles of worship and service.  We have a variety of musical traditions and meet to pray together at least once every day of the week.

As a church, we are deeply committed to the community in which we live and seek to serve it in a variety of ways.

A great deal of our time is devoted to working with SCHOOLS, CHILDREN and YOUNG PEOPLE.

Our Vision Statement:  We are disciples of Jesus, making disciples for Jesus

Core Values:

 We choose to worship God

 We choose to love each other

 We choose to share the Good News about Jesus

 We choose to pray together

 We choose to learn and grow

 We choose to change our community

 Under God’s grace, we choose together to worship, fellowship, pray, share, learn and serve so we might grow to be like Jesus